Last American Rock Stars Dropping a Mixtape on MNE This October!

The newest addition to Majik Ninja Entertainment, Last American Rock Stars aka LARS comprised of King Gordy and Bizarre will be dropping a brand new mixtape on MNE this October!

Now I’ve already interviewed these ninjas and I know the title and release date of the mixtape, but I’m gonna have to leave it up to them to announce that. Shit is always subject to change. I can let you ninjas know that the entire mixtape is produced by this ninja named Foulmouth though and he apparently is a mad genius in the studio.

Keep your eyes peeled for a name and released date dropping very soon, ninjas. Their national release on MNE will also follow very closely behind this release.

Check out the music video for the track “Savage Life” taken from the mixtape.

from Faygoluvers


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