Huge Juggalo March article from RiverFront Times

A journalist named Daniel Hill reached out to us about a massive 3,000 word article that he just published which takes us through his experiences at the Juggalo March.

Daniel spoke with a Juggalo who was extremely apprehensive about how the March would go, spoke about the plight of Juggalos since the FBI’s 2011 gang designation, summarized ICP’s 30 minute speech in which the word “butthole” is used numerous times, and describes the march itself, which went down without incident.

Check out an excerpt of the article below.

Excerpt from

To any observer, especially any observer who’s watched any number of rallies or events in America in recent months — from Charlottesville to Berkeley and all points between — it’s as clear as can be that this group of people is not a criminal organization, but rather a group of mischievous misfits banded together by a love of a particularly wild form of music. As usual, the government has aimed all its ire at a group that’s nowhere close to the real threat, but is among the least able to fight back. This group is staunchly apolitical — neither aligned with the pious right, the pious left or the godless intellectuals — and far more concerned with matters of off-brand soda than matters of governance. They’d never be here in the first place if they hadn’t been singled out. 

Make sure you go and check out the entire article, complete with pictures, at this link:

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