Dr. Diggles of Dope D.O.D. responds to the FBI’s Juggalo gang label

Here’s something that may interest the Juggalos out there that are fans of Dope D.O.D. In a recent interview in Vandala Magazine conducted by Faygoluvers very own Chad Carsten, Dr. Diggles basically states that even the idea of Juggalos being labeled a gang is absolutely ridiculous.

He’s also asked about touring with the Insane Clown Posse and possibly doing a track with the Wicked Clowns in the future.

In non-Juggalo related news, they speak on the origin on the name “Dr. Diggles,” the first time he saw turntables, growing up in the Netherlands, inspirations, the European hiphop scene, their first sold out show, Onyx and more!

You can check out the full article at Issuu.com/Vandala by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the Juggalo related questions and answers below.

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