Discovery Channel wants your Juggalo March video for Short Documentary

We were just contacted by Discovery Communications because they will be shooting a short documentary about the Juggalo March, which in case you didn’t know, happens this Saturday, September 16th.

They reached out because they want to compile some of YOUR footage and use it in the documentary!   Basically, if you’re doing anything in preparation for the March, be it making signs, traveling, arriving at the National Mall, watching a speech, checking out one of the acts performing, or anything else, you can submit this footage to them!

What you have to do is download an app called Cinebody from the iTunes Store and use project code MARCH.  Any footage you take will automatically be uploaded to Discovery.

Sorry Android users…the app unfortunately isn’t available for your phones just yet.

Here’s a quick rundown that Discovery sent to me:

Discovery is making a short documentary about the Juggalo march on Washington and we’d love your help filming it. We’re using an app called Cinebody (iOS only unfortunately) that allows you to film your own personal experience traveling to, preparing for, and participating in the March, with all the footage automatically uploading to us to edit. We want to see the March through your eyes, to show people what it’s really like to be a Juggalo going to the March. If you’re interested in helping out, just download the app Cinebody from the Apple app store, create an account, and then enter the code “MARCH” where it says “enter a project code.” Inside, there will be different shots that you can use to film, like film the trip to the march and film getting ready. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing what you film!

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Download the Cinebody App:


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