Bukshot will not be performing at the upcoming Juggalo March on Washington

Our homie Bukshot hit us up and was very sorry to inform us that he will not be attending the upcoming Juggalo March on Washington as originally planned. This is some really shitty news to get for Juggalos and Bukshot himself.

You can see his post on Facebook by CLICKING HERE or check that out below.

Juggalos will still have plenty of opportunities to see Bukshizzle perform in the future. Sometimes things just doesn’t work out the way they should but that’s the life of a Juggalo.

Check out the post:

To all of my Juggalos who were looking forward to seeing me perform at the Juggalo March, I regret to inform you that I won’t be there as planned. I was one of the first artists to accept, and I took everything off my schedule to go perform a set there, but due to last minute & poor communication that I had no control over, I was informed by Psychopathic that they didn’t have enough room during their allotted performances at the National Mall to include me. I had full intent to go and perform for you all, and I even recorded and sent in my verse for the Juggalo Psypher, but sometimes life has a weird way of turning things around on you. I have spoke with Rob at Psychopathic the last few days, several times concerning this, and we have a mutual respect and understanding with each other about this, and there is no love or respect lost from either side. Between the communication for having me out there, and some immediate personal family matters at hand, it’s just unfortunately not in the cards for me to be able to make it out there. I fully believe and support what the march is about, and no matter what part of the country I’m ever in, I will support Juggalos ALWAYS and to the fullest! So for every Juggalo who is marching in Washington, DC next weekend, hold it down for everybody who won’t be able to make it and make us all proud!


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