A New Majik Ninja Entertainment Mystery Box is Now Available at TwiztidShop.com

It’s that time again, ninjas. TwiztidShop.com has released yet another Mystery Box for anybody that enjoys getting surprise items in their mailbox!

This time around the Mystery Box is only $30. You can pick that up by CLICKING HERE.

What all comes inside the Mystery Box you’re asking? Well, homie, that shit is a mystery. Apparently the ninjas over at MNE have all kinds of rare, random and obscure items in their inventory and they’ll be throwing a lot of these items directly into the box.

Looking for that new hoodie, t-shirt, stickers, jersey or CD’s? Any and all of that could or could not be in the box. You may get another copy of G-Mo’s album or maybe a rare version of Cryptic Collection: Valentines Day Edition. You might get a t-shirt with a shirt design you’ve never seen or you may get another t-shirt with the MNE logo on it.

No refunds. No request. No exchanges.

Not only that, a lot of random extra shit will be thrown into random boxes. This means your Mystery Box will likely be different than your homies.

The prices of the items in the boxes always equal out to more than the price of the box itself. You’re always getting a deal.


Hit up TwiztidShop.com and pick that up, ninjas.

from Faygoluvers


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