TruthYouCantErase – “Inferior God Complex” EP

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With a set disliking of myself, yet a stronger hatred for those around me, I present to you; Inferior God Complex.
All lyrics (with exceptions of the collabs with Diz Crooked Mouth and Quel Loft) were written, preformed, and recorded by TruthYouCantErase.
Special thanks to my Madre, Old Man, and Pops – to my girlfriend, I’m glad we had those fire drills – to my homies Gerimy, Ryan, Patrick, Nicola, Def Joey, Michy, Dylan, Matt, Kota, Scar, Alex, Arin, Georgie, McMahan, Tyler (Thalia), Diz Crooked Mouth, Quel Loft, and many many more. You guys are family to me, and as a Juggalo, family is everything. Another big special thanks to everyone that’s hurt me. I have one specific person in mind, who I know is reading this. Fuck you. Thank you to everyone who listened, even if only to hate. I really can’t wait to show you guys what’s next. We’ll all be surprised. Here’s to the next dimension. Whoop whoop.

  1. Parental Advisory (intro, Ya Fuckin Pansie)
  2. Vibing feat. Quel Loft (prod. by Jobu.)
  3. Sorry Mom, I’m Too Fucked Up (prod. By CaliberBeats)
  4. Mine (prod. by ANATOMOD)
  5. March Hare feat. Diz Crooked Mouth (prod By Anywaywell Productions)
  6. idontwanttothink (prod. by Mittensさん)
  7. Princess; a peom (prod. by Mittensさん)
  8. Atlas (prod. by gen$ing)
  9. For My Pops (prod. by tkdwn.)
  10. The First of Many to Come (prod. by [ bsd.u ])

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