Three More Guests For Rock and Shock Announced

Rock and Shock have announced three new confirmed guests. The new guests are:


Rock and Shock is a three day convention that features nightly concerts. It takes places at the Worcester Palladium and DCU Center on October 13th, 14th, and 15th.

Press Release:

Rock and Shock friends, we’ve got three guest announcements to unleash upon you today! Starting off, we have a first time attendee, KIRK ACEVEDO! Instantly recognizable for his roles on The Walking Dead, Oz, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Fringe, Kirk will also be starring in next year’s Insidious: Chapter 4. Also joining us this October will be horror queen LINNEA QUIGLEY! Her resume speaks for itself, and starring roles in Return of the Living Dead, Savage Streets, Night of the Demons and Silent Night, Deadly Night earned her iconic status in the genre. Finally for today we have ZACH GALLIGAN! Whether you love Gremlins, Waxwork, Hatchet III or if you want to try to stump him on movie trivia, there are a lot of reasons to stop by Zach’s table. And that brings us to 13 guests announced so far for Rock and Shock, which starts on Friday the 13th of October. Stick around, friends, because that could prove to be a very important number for a future announcement!

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