Shock and Dash – “Deviants Of The Underground”

This is a very special collaboration project brought to you by Shock and Dash
  1. Soapbox Diaries (feat. Extra Kool)
  2. Lion’s Den (feat. The Antagonist)
  3. Tell Tale Heart (feat. JDirty)
  4. Connect (feat. Baje One of Junk Science)
  5. No Gold (feat. Smokey)
  6. Numb
  7. Seconds Away (feat. The Antagonist)
  8. Ill Hop (feat. Santone)
  9. Night Train Demon (feat. Jak Progresso)
  10. Bring the Pain (feat. Hypnautic)
  11. Suspect Times (feat. Dezmatic)
  12. Selfish (feat. Time)

from Faygoluvers


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