Rude Boy’s “I think Jesus would be a Juggalo” Quote featured on

We recently posted an article by Vice titled “Juggalos Are Mad as Hell and They’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore” where they spoke on a lot of went down with the gigantic police presence at this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos. You can see that post HERE or the original post by Vice HERE.

In that article they spoke with Psychopathic Records’ own Jumpsteady and The Rude Boy.
At the very end of that article there is a quote from The Rude Boy where he states I think Jesus would be a Juggalo. You can quote me on that.” I even make reference to it in my original post.

This is not important news at all but it’s kinda fresh and I think it’s definitely worth the mention. has posted their most memorable lines from the week of August 14, presented with zero context and Rudy’s made the cut, of course.

Like I said, nothing too special, but definitely worth the shout-out. You can see that list over at by CLICKING HERE.

Props to the editor, Alex Norcia and to the ninjette responsible for that fresh-as-fuck Jesus Juggalo illustration, Lia Kantrowitz.

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