Replicon Radio interviews Prozak, Flagrant, and Menacide!

There’s been so much Juggling going on by your friendly neighborhood Faygoluvers staff that we let a few things fall by the wayside.

Our homies from Replicon Radio have been on the grind once again knocking out interviews with Prozak, Menacide, and Flagrant of NWI over the past couple of weeks.  You can listen to both episodes below:

Replicon Radio – August 21st – PROZAK

Listen to “Replicon Radio 8/21 Prozak” on Spreaker.

Replicon Radio – August 28th – Menacide & Flagrant

Listen to “Replicon Radio 8/28 Flagrant/Menacide” on Spreaker.

Make sure to check out for the latest interviews and radio flavor!

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