Problemattik – “Sounds Of The City: Vol. 1”

September 3rd marks the day that sounds of the city vol.1 is set to drop on the hip hop world’s head! 15 tracks of fire from the streets of Boston! Problemattik has produced posters, albums, wristbands and more for the release party at the middle east upstairs in Cambridge, Mass September 3rd!

but wait we have another suprise for yall! Problemattik is doing a video with one of the hip hop legends featured on the project! keep your eyes open and your ears tuned in!

Sounds of the City will be available on iTunes and Apple Music as well as Amazon on demand, Target music, Tidal, Spotify, Pandora and more!!!

Pre order goes up August 31st!

​Hope yall crazy hip hop heads are ready for the real sound of the city!

Here’s a sneak peek:


  1. Intro
  2. Sounds of the City
  3. Stop That (ft. RealFlywalker and Cheese)
  4. Cabby Dan (skit)
  5. Never Change (ft. Gerard Magnarelli)
  6. Money (Set Up) (ft. Kyle Goldstein)
  7. Remember The Days (ft. RealFlywalker and Zip Jones)
  8. Heavyweights (ft. Big Shug and Arichussettes)
  9. Pass That (ft. RealFlywalker, Cheese, Heavy Price)
  10. Clue Freestyle
  11. Where You At?
  12. We Fly (ft. Thirstin Howl The 3rd)
  13. Barfight (ft. Heavy PRice)
  14. Rock Star (ft. Alex S Martin, Aaron Slotnick and Kyle Goldstein)
  15. Where I’m From (Ft. David Altenor)

from Faygoluvers


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