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It looks like more media sites have started to pick up on the fact that the Juggalo March, set to go down on September 16th, will potentially cross paths with the Pro-Trump “M.O.A.R. (Mother Of All Rallies) in Washington, DC.  Though is notorious for bashing Juggalos and the Insane Clown Posse, they keep it pretty civil in this article.

One thing that they did touch on is the fact that Juggalos are marching while tensions are peaked over other bigger civil injustices.  Just remember that this fight has been going on since 2011, and it took well over a year just to get a set date to march.

Now, check out the article and let us know what you think.


Pro-Trump Rally Set to Clash with Juggalo March in Washington, D.C. in September

“The Mother of All Rallies” is coming to Washington, D.C. on September 16th. The Pro-Trump group bills itself as “The Woodstock of American Rallies” on its official website, with the aim of sending “a message to congress the media and the world” that “we stand united to defend American culture & values.” Over 7,000 people follow the rally’s Facebook page. It should be quite the gathering.

There’s only one problem: there will already be another kind of gathering in town.

Also scheduled to storm the National Mall that day is the Juggalo March, a collective of I.C.P. fans seeking equal treatment, which we first reported on here last summer. The Juggalo March “aims to bring national attention to the ongoing discrimination and profiling that Juggalos continue to be subjected to following the group’s inclusion in the U.S. Department of Justice’s 2011 National Gang Task Force report.” Which is a ludicrous classification, to be sure: while we may enjoy making fun of ICP and their fans, they’re not inherently bad people.

We’ve previously gone on record as saying the Juggalo March might be in poor taste; millions of Americans have been fighting for the privilege of being treated equally for centuries, based on circumstances entirely out of their control, and it seems insensitive and tone deaf in this time of civil rights upheaval for Juggalos to claim the same level of unfair treatment based on a lifestyle they’ve chosen for themselves… and one based around fandom of a band, no less.

That said, there’s no question whose side we’re on when it comes to Juggalos vs. pro-Trump crazies: Juggalos all the way!!

That said, I’m really not sure where most Juggalos’ politics lie. There may be a significant pro-Trump contingent amongst them. As with any fanbase, I’d expect their group is diverse.

In short, it’ll be very, very interesting when these two groups meet on September 16th. Both rallies have made pledges to stay peaceful, and we certainly hope it comes to pass that way. We’ll keep you updated!

How many of you are making the trip to DC to march?

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