Look Close (Shot and Directed by Tapewerm) [Full Movie]

After a killer Snuff Film goes viral, three strangers’ lives are quickly meshed together and tormented by the Grim Reaper, who is looking for one of them to help with his dirty work. A film school project-turned feature film. This movie shocked audiences and brought back the classic horror feel to a tired genre.

“LOOK CLOSE” releases on DVD this October. WARNING: The producers recommend that NO ONE under 17 be allowed to watch this film.

  • Horror / Independent / Dark Comedy
  • Directed by MICHAEL T. WURZER (also known as Tapewerm)
  • Produced by Sarah Sparx and Michael T. Wurzer
  • Original Music by Sicktanick
  • Shot, Edited, VFX, and Written by Michael T. Wurzer

View the movie in Full 1080P at https://www.eerie-theater.com/

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