Jelly Roll Addresses Health, Addiction, Weight, and More in Lengthy Facebook Post

Jelly Roll has made a personal lengthy post on his Facebook page.

In this post Jelly discusses going broke, addiction, recent health issues, losing weight, touring, upcoming music releases and much more.

I always feel weird writing to much on these type of posts, so without anymore further delay you can read the full post from Jelly Roll below.



When the addiction kills tour ended I had came off what appeared to be the most successful tour of my life. So many people came out and seen the show across the country. Places 30 people showed up to our previous tour we had hundreds show up. Financially it was the worst of my life though , And that wasn’t easy because the tour before that cost us almost 30k to do. (When we open these big tours like the Yela and ICP tour and Cypress tour , we get paid like anywhere from 300-500 a night – it cost 1500 a day tour crew management etc to do lol) I was counting on Addiction Kills Tour to balance out my life. Even planned on buying a car afterwards (I still don’t own one smh) – because of multiple bad business decisions I made (the biggest one being getting the worst bus and bus deal in Nashville history) ended up making the tour pretty much a complete wash. And the problem is by the amount of success that was coming in and me never really having shit before I was digging myself into a bottomless pit of a financial hole in my personal life. I came home from tour to a house I couldn’t afford with more bills than money. I was losing it all again, and deserved too, what a selfish narcissistic piece of shit I had turned into. I couldn’t see the Forrest for the trees. The bad decisions didn’t stop there, I hated everyone and blamed everyone but myself for the situation I ended up in. And in a rage I lost some people that meant a lot to me . People I thought would be in my life the rest of my life. Admittedly it was some of my own wrong doing that lead to this departure , but for family I felt it wasn’t something that could have been changed cleared and rectified. They felt different . Understandably these people in a emotional rage themselves feeling betrayed by the man they had dedicated year(s) of their life to, then began to slander me . To every person that would listen. The one my daughter still calls “Uncle” began to tell people how he would get me killed. Promised to send people for me. Even got my address from one of my few “family” members that got it . The same house my daughter sleeps in smh. Honestly I understand , pain normally is easily expressed in anger. I’m man enough to admit my mistakes , but never would I wish death on a man over the shit they have wished death on me over. There is a lot of shit I didn’t do I probably could’ve did for them, but how fast they forgot all the shit I did do. I’ve been wanting to speak on this for two months, I have just waited hoping that their heart would end up where mine is in a place of knowing that we all changed each other’s lives for the better. I hope they forgive me – I’m cleaning out my closet more than ever — and I want them to know I forgive them. It’ll be a while before I think any of us should even consider speaking , but know I’m proud of y’all and happy for you, and I hope it keeps working for you.

Meanwhile It changed my life forever , the stress of going broke , losing all my road dogs , having to tell my family I got us in over our head. Lead me to having to deal with my heart (literally ) I’ve went into a bad Atrial Fibrillation a
few times, found out there is something wrong with the electrical side of my heart. Though it’s a small procedure I will be having a operation later this fall, so no touring for the Fatman til next Year , which hurts because we turned down a dream tour offer yesterday. But we got a cheaper house, cut all the bills in half. I woke up today 43 days sober.315 lbs (I was once 500) lost it the right way no surgeries pills or potions – hard work and dieting. Second longest stretch of not drinking since I been out of jail for 8 years. I’m focusing on Family Health and Music right now. Struggle and I will be dropping Waylon and Willie in September – Right after that I’m dropping a tape called Good Night Nashville that is currently in mixing. But if your interested in watching the journey of me getting this together and regrouping my life starting next week a daily vlog will be put on YouTube channel sponsored by the Tree Top Shatter Company- Please go subscribe now . But through it all I’m blessed to say I’m back making that Therapeutic Music. I’m just trying to make wrongs right and be better today than I was yesterday. Fishing this weekend, camping and kayaking — God Bless

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