Chapter 4 of the Docu-series 2017 about the History of ICP is Here!

The new docu-series 20in17 created by Brandon Ward is so dope. Lots of Juggalos are loving that we’re posting this up.

Right now episode #4 titled “WWF” is available for your listening pleasure. On this episode Brandon goes over pretty much everything ICP went through when starting out big in the WWF. This includes Summerslam ’98 at Madison Square Garden, shoot fights with The Headbangers, sharing a ring with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and more! They also go into ICP beginning in the WCW and the creation of JCW.

ICP being in the WWF was awesome for me, seeing to worlds I loved collide like that. This is also definitely one worth checking out, ninjas. Whether you’re new to the Juggalo world or not.

You can check that out by CLICKING HERE.

20in17 is also available on iTunesStitcher RadioSpreaker & Tunein

Check out the episode below:

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