Toasted Tweets | July 19, 2017

Nature and weed are two peas in a pot—er, pod. Don’t you love the sounds of crickets chirping while staring out into the wilderness, wondering about how we got this far as a species and how we messed up so bad and oh no, is there any way back to how it was like when our grandparents were kids and the world was safe and wait, doesn’t Sasquatch live out here somewhere, I wonder if he smokes pot and if he’s dangerous at all or just a misunderstood dude with giant hairy feet who wanders the countryside—wait a minute, let’s take a deep breath and mellow OUT, man. This is supposed to be a nice chill indica buzz. Everything is ok. We go camping to get away from all the crazy stuff back in the real world, and when we do, we take extra herb (or maybe find some growing in the wild if we’re lucky!). Here are a bunch of stoned crunchy folk who decided to see just how well pot and camping get along. By the way, the answer is really well for some and for others, NAH BRUH.

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