The Kevin Gill Show Episode 129 Featuring John Joseph

Our homie KG Kevin Gill has released the latest episode of his long running podcast, The Kevin Gill Show.

Episode 129 features KG interviewing John Joseph. KG and John Joseph discuss the following:


John Joseph returns to the Kevin Gill Show to discuss PMA , avoiding negatvity, meeting CM Punk, Plant Based lifestyle, his new band Bloodclot and their debut album, escaping addiction, new york hardcore revolution, universal music, Lemmy memories, Bad Brains, his books, Rocks Off Walking Tours, innovative cooking on the road tacticts, Bad Brains, Thee Parkside, putting down your cell phone, Vampiro and so much more in this “in person” audio conversation! Recorded in San Francisco! Rate and Review the Show on Itunes and Get a PM F’N A Shirt, hoodie or sticker at www.DignifiedBastard.Com

You can listen to episode 129 featuring John Joseph by CLICKING HERE or below.

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