Scrub Care Unit Needs Volunteers!

Our homies from the Scrub Care Unit reached out to us to see if we could help spread the word about this.  As you may or may not know, the SCU has been helping ninjas at the Gathering and at shows for years!  They have a request out for the SCU “Handi-Camp Helpers” which consist of ninjas helping keep an eye on the handicap areas and helping those in need.

Instead of rehashing everything that Bob from the SCU sent me, I’ll just paste it below:

I would like to ask for another PSA announcing the SCU “Handi-Camp Helpers”. These super-down ninjas will be standing post and keeping a helpful eye over the handicapped camping area (for those that wish to camp there). They will be asking any that camp in that area if they need a hand setting up a tent, getting an air mattress aired up, or help moving totes to where they need to go for the week.

These volunteers will be in a 10×10 overlooking the designated area from Tuesday (first opening) till Wednesday noon. If, at any time, more help is needed – these folks have the ability to call for support from the SCU main camp (which will be located between the Signature and Autograph tents).

Also – SCU is taking volunteers (need 4 more) for this mission to help our fellow family in need.

Whoop Whoop!!

If you have any questions or are able to help, shoot an email to Bob Adams at!

from Faygoluvers


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