Rude Boy speaks on ICP’s relationship with Tech N9ne and Majik Ninja Entertainment

Our homies from the Murder Master Music Show ( hit us up with a few links from an interview they just conducted with The Rude Boy!

Rudy spoke about a number of things, but the most pressing issues are his thoughts on Psychopathic’s terms with Tech N9ne and Majik Ninja Entertainment.  You can hear his thoughts below:

Rude Boy speaks on ongoing ICP/Twiztid feud

Here’s what was said:

Whenever guys in that camp get a chance to smear your name they do it. When I was talking with Joe Bruce I was like “Think, about this man!” they are not on that level of Insane Clown Posse. Let’s keep it real! The bad part is you can’t annihilate the people that put you on. To be honest with you we are so focused what’s happening in this world over here but we could give a fuck less what’s going on over there. I always say this; I hope they do big wonderful things. I really do! I’ve had a long relationship with those guys and had some really heartfelt conversations and love; I would fight for those cats! To try to put yourself on and some of the things that were done were pretty shady, but it is what it is. It’s music and as long as you continue to look at the light at the end of the tunnel who really gives a shit at the end of the day. As long as you are not trying to hurt nobody or nobody’s income; this is a business! If you can annihilate your fans that’s between you and Jesus but we aint into that over here. We are into making sure that we give those Gatherings and that we do those shows. As far as Magic Entertainment I hope they do good things! I’m speaking for Rudy Hill, you know where my loyalty lies.

Rude Boy speaks on Tech N9ne and ICP

Here’s what was said about that one:

When I watched the interviews I didn’t think anything bad about none of it. Again, I can only speak for me but I would say that it is pretty much a stupid understanding. A month later ICP appeared with Tech N9ne here in Detroit as a surprise guest with him as far as I’m concerned everything is supposed to be right. One of the things that Tech N9ne is doing is he is worrying about Tech N9ne, he is worrying about his business and if that is keeping Juggalos happy or Twiztid fans happy he is doing it. He is playing politician, more power to him.

Listen to the full episode by clicking play below:

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