Lyte’s debut EP “Psychopathic Monstar” will be available in 3 different versions

The newest artist signed to Psychopathic Records, Lyte will be dropping his debut EP on Psychopathic Records at this years Gathering of the Juggalos on July 28th.

Over at the Insane Clown Posse’s official Facebook page, they’ve announced that the album will actually be available in 3 different version. A red version, a green version and a blue version. Each version will have it’s own unique opening track. I know all you collectors out there (like myself) will be picking up all 3.

Not only will this album be dropping on CD that day at the Gathering, it will also be available digitally and for order over at

Lyte is dope and I know that I personally am looking forward to hearing what Lyte has to offer the Juggalo world.

Pick that shit up once it becomes available, ninjas.

Check out the post from ICP:

Lyte‘s debut album “Psychopathic Monstar” will be making it’s grand release at the Gathering and invading all digital sites on Friday, July 28. You’ll also be able to order physical copies via starting that day as well! The album comes in THREE dope versions, all with a different opening track. THE MONSTAR IS LOOSE, MOTHERFACKO!

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