Gathering of the Juggalos Campsite Scavenger Hunt – Details and Rules

Are you a Gathering-bound Juggalo who loves FREE SHIT?  I mean honestly…who doesn’t?  If you fit the bill though, this post is definitely for you!

Faygoluvers has been asked to join up with several other crews to take part in a Gathering Campsite Scavenger Hunt!  What is that, you ask?  It’s basically a traditional scavenger hunt where you have to visit the campsites of several Juggalo crews in a certain order, and those who find them all will be entered to win a big ass grand prize package!

I could put the rules in my own words, but the homie Don E Theis of the PGT has already done that.  You can see the rules below.


Campsite Scavenger Hunt rules and regulations.

First and foremost let me remind you that this is NOT a race. You can come in either first, or last, and still have an equal shot at the big prize packs. The object of this hunt is for you to locate, befriend, and make new Juggalo homies. So take your time, kick it a little at each site you come across, and make the best memories you could ever imagine. We want you to get up, get out there, and be social. Help us bring the unity back.

To begin the hunt – you must locate the camp site P.G.T., (all sites should be easy-ish to find. Marked with a banner or some sort of other easy to see way). This is your starting point, (Hint, you can find them in the Big Balla area of the camp grounds). When you find them, feel free to approach the site, they are accepting and friendly as should be all sites you come across on this adventure. Then, you will be asked to sign in. With your name, and time of arrival, (this will be required at each site you visit, we will provide you with those sign in sheets at the start of the hunt). You will also receive a raffle ticket. This is your entry to the final drawing for the BIG prize packs. Just put your name on it and we will hold onto it for you.

If/when you complete the hunt, and everything was completed properly and in order, your ticket will go into the drawing for one of the three final big prizes. There will only be one ticket issued per player, to assure that each player only gets one ticket entered into the final drawing. After a little chill time (see…. Chill time), you will finally be given a gift or grab bag of prizes (see campsite gifts) that is yours to do what ever you want with. That is your prize just for making it that far along in the hunt. FINALLY, you will be given a clue, or the name of, the next site to find. When the next site is located, you repeat the process at that site, and so on. This will happen until you either give up, or you end up back where you started. At P.G.T. with a completed list. If you return to us, and you completed the list correctly, we will put your raffle ticket into the drawing for one of the three final prize packs.

What is required to earn the name of the next site to find? – Each site will have a different way of making you earn the name of the following site. It SHOULD be harmless and not too outrageous. Fun is the goal here. You never know what you will have to do though. It can be anything they think up on the spot, or something they have planned. Things from, sitting in silence for 10 minutes, to challenging another person to a push up contest with the loser getting a five minute penalty. You JUST NEVER KNOW!! Just know this, we here at P.G.T. are NOT RESPONSIBLE for what other campsites try to get you to do, and if it is too outrageous you can decline. But if it is reasonable, at least try it, you may have fun doing it.

Campsite gifts – This is where it gets tricky, and just know, we have no control over what people offer you at the Gathering. With that in mind, each new site on the list that you make it to, will have a gift to offer you. You can easily accept it, or decline it. There are still bigger prizes you are playing for. These will just be a, “ welcome to our site, and we are glad that you made it this far”, kind of gift. It can range anywhere from a simple ice cold water, to stickers and promotional materiel. Or anywhere from food, to cash. You may even be offered some recreational party favors (hint hint). You just never know. So if it is something you have no interest in, just play it cool and simply decline. The next site you go to will have something totally different to offer you.

Chill Time – This is the REAL REASON that this ordeal was put together. The chill time! Although it is okay to try and run from site to site to gather (lol, yeah, GATHER) all of the sites on the list, to assure that you finish the hunt, it is best advised to get some chill time at each site. (Even though we have ways to make you stick around for awhile before you get the name and run off). So talk to people. Get the low down on where they are from, how long was the trip, ect, ect. You just might meet people who live close to you that you never even met. Or you might come across a site that you want to come back to later and party with some more. You just NEVER KNOW!

Empty sites – Although we have hand picked sites that have agreed to ALMOST always have someone in attendance, there are chances of you finding a site that is empty. After all, it is the Gathering and when main stage starts, campsites tend to empty out. Also, we do understand that it is the land of “Fuck yo sleep” but let’s be realistic. We do sleep. So don’t try to wake up people who are sleeping in their tents just so you can get a signature. If you come across a site that is next on your list and it appears to be totally empty, just make a mental note of its location, go Gather a little, and try again at a later time. It shouldn’t be long before someone is back there to take care of you. DO NOT MAKE YOUR WAY INTO AN EMPTY SITE!! DO NOT BE CAUGHT ROAMING THROUGH THE BELONGINGS OF A SITE THAT IS NOT YOURS. We don’t take kindly to thieves. You have been warned. Do NOT find out the hard way.

How long is this event? – This event lasts from the time they open the gates to the general admission ticket holders, (sometime on Wednesday), until Saturday at noon. The actual drawing for the big prizes will happen at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, (right after the ICP seminar) at the seminar tent. You have until 1 p.m. on Saturday to turn in your completed list to P.G.T.. It is best advised that you be present for the final drawing. If your name gets drawn, and you are not there to claim the prize, then we will draw another name. We can’t hold out in hopes that you show up to claim the prize when we already have a ton of people there, waiting to see if they won. If your ticket is drawn, head right next door to S.C.U. (Scrub Care Unit) to claim your prize.

Okay, that’s it, good luck and have fun!!

As of the time that I’m writing this, this is the list of campsites you’ll have to visit:

  • 215 Ninjas.
  • A. J. Graphics.
  • Camp G Spot.
  • Camp Kyle.
  • Carolina Juggalo Militia (CJM).
  • Faygoluvers.
  • Fruit Loop Forrest.
  • Juggalo News.
  • Lost Ninja Clan.
  • P.G.T.
  • Reno Rydas.
  • Scrub Care Unit (SCU).
  • Too Much Fun Crew (#TMFC).
  • United Streets of America.
  • Whoop Troop.
  • Yacht Club.

For those of you are interested in participating, there are Facebook like and event pages that you should probably join:

Hope that a lot of you swing by!!

from Faygoluvers


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