Faygoluvers visits the Lost Lakes Amphitheater…Home of GOTJ 18! [Video Footage]

In preparation for this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos, my family and our shoeless homie ZZ made a trip out to the Lost Lakes Amphitheater to explore the Gathering grounds.  What we saw there appears to be a prime location for this year’s Gathering…and hopefully many more to come!

I took some HD Footage that I have to edit together, but for now I figured I would repost some of the live stream footage that was taken.  Lots of questions were answered (to the best of my ability anyways).

Also make sure to check out our slide footage below!

Gathering Grounds Walkthrough (Part 1):

Gathering Grounds Walkthrough (Part 2):

Water Slide (GoPro POV):

Water Slide (Profile POV):

from Faygoluvers


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