Exclusive: Pre-Order GAGE’s New Track ‘Wonder Woman’

Miami-based rapper and ganja enthusiast, GAGE—who celebrated his birthday two years ago by dropping his album Green Caviar LP with a HIGH TIMES exclusive—is back! And this time he isn’t just celebrating his love of weed but also his love of the ladies!

“The name of the song is called “Wonder Woman,” GAGE explained to HIGH TIMES. “It’s kind of a double entendre, because I’m using a woman to describe a weed strain… and also an actual woman.”

As the first single on his new album, “Wonder Woman” drops on GAGE’s birthday, July 23, 2017, and can be pre-ordered NOW on iTunes and Google Play

Photo Courtesy of GAGE and Heatrock Entertainment via Twitter

“The world knows I love smoking weed, so this is just an ode to what I love doing and who I love being with—women and weed,” GAGE said. “Pre-order “Wonder Woman” on iTunes or Google Play now! And shout out to Emily and all the good folks at HIGH TIMES magazine, who have supported my music from day one. I love you guys, and shout out to all stoners! My podcast “The Stoners Code” is on the way!”

Obviously, we can expect much more from GAGE, who’s music currently streams on all players!

Make sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for new updates, and don’t miss the drop of “Wonder Woman” on July 23.

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