Dead Click – “Dead Click”

Prezident Bejda is the host of the Murder Master Music Show and founder of the Underground Society (UGS) which is a global underground rap network. UGS just recently dropped the new group album by Dead Click which is a self titled project featuring artists Scratch LDP and Jackboy D-Payne from the United States and producer/artist Detag from the Netherlands.

The 3 artists give you a rare throw back to the 90s with this G-Funk, Horrorcore, Gangsta Rap laced album which is slappin’ from beginning to end.

“I’m excited to hear what people think of this! For those missing that dope 90s sound this is 100% for you! It has that authtentic 90s feel but it current at the same time. All lyrics, crazy flows, and content about life, pain, and struggle over some of the hardest beats made in a long time from anyone! I have reviewed 1000s of albums, trust me you will love what these guys did! Dead Click is the new group to check out from the Underground!” – Prezident Bejda

The best part about this new Dead Click album is that it is a free download. Don’t get it twisted it is not a mixtape, Dead Click wanted to give thier first project away to the fans. Enjoy this dope project for 2017 which is full of hard beats, rapid fire flows and dope concepts! All reviews, write-ups, articles are greatly appreciated!

Download Here:

  1. DeadClick Wickedness
  2. War!
  3. Drive By Music
  4. To The Grave
  5. Outta Yo Mind
  6. Keep A Secret
  7. Run the Game
  8. EAZY ft Xit Only & Ailton
  9. A Nightmare on DeadClick Street
  10. Cut em Out ft Mr.Lociss
  11. GANXSTA N-I-P Interlude
  12. UGS Cypher ft Sleepwalkas, Ya Boy Slo Mo, Chico Slim
  13. The Fallen Ones
  14. Psycho
  15. Monstah
  16. Not Like Any Otha
  17. The Have Nots ft Ya Boy Slo Mo
  18. Raise The Risk
  19. Tha Murdah Show ft Chico Slim

from Faygoluvers

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Banging ass cd hardest shit of 2017 !

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