Blahzay Roze launches new Facebook; releases old “Tippy” and “Tox-Ick Twins” tracks

It looks like Blahzay Roze is starting to put herself out there again on the music tip.  She started a new Facebook page at and has been sharing some of her pre-Psychopathic Records work under the names “Tippy” and “Tox-Ick Twins”.

She has also posted several pictures of her with Juggalos from previous concerts, artwork from fans, and even the interview we conducted this past September.

Check out her track called “Corner Store” from way back in 2009 under the group name Tox-Ick Twins:

There’s also a track she shared from GuttaINK Entertainment that she featured on called “Dope”.  Take a listen to that here:

Keep up with the latest happenings with Blahzay by giving her new FB page a like here:

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