Top 5 Reasons NOT to Miss a Jelly Roll Show!

Right now, Jelly Roll is currently slaying stages across the nation like a Knight in southern ghetto armor. The Addiction Kills tour has been a massive success according to promoters all around the states.  So if the tour is near your area soon, better not miss out on one hell of a rock n roll hip-hop show! If Johnny Cash was still alive, bet your ass he’d be there! Here are our top 5 reasons not to miss Jelly Roll live.

Reason Number One: Jelly Roll’s smile! The Nashville, Tennessee underground champion’s smile is one of those smiles that will instantaneously brighten up a person’s day no matter what kind of bullshit they had experienced before getting to the Jelly Roll show! It’s pretty much guaranteed that concert attendees of any Jelly Roll show are bound to be smiling ear to ear for weeks on end, that’s how contagious Jelly’s smile is!

Reason Number Two: Jelly shows no fear when performing, and this is where fans are in for a major treat. Some artists may be afraid to do that, but not Mr. Roll! He isn’t to jump off stage and be part of the crowd. It can happen during any song, but mostly when the fans are going buck wild towards a certain track, proving that Jelly Roll wants to give his fans the appreciation they deserve for their continued die-hard support.

Reason Number Three: Jelly Roll’s live band! Usually, Jelly Roll brings a live band on stage to tear shit up and it’s jaw dropping! His band knows how to rock your face off rock-a-billy style and it puts an exciting unique twist on Jelly Roll’s tunes. That twist may end up turning into a mosh pit galore for the better. His band shreds till they bleed and bring out the best rock and country live covers to date! Covers may include tracks by Johnny Cash and Dobie Grey.

Reason Number Four: Possibly some free Crown Royal! If your favorite alcoholic beverage is Crown Royal, but you’re broke and still want to get buzzed somehow, well, that’s where you might get lucky. Jelly Roll always has Crown Royal with him on stage when performing and may even share some of his personal Crown Royal with fans. It usually happens when the audience is huddled around him after he jumps off stage. But that’s only if of course you’re of age to drink, which is easy to spot by simply noticing the Bud-Light wrists bands and looking for X’s on the underage attendees hands. If the show is 21+, then you don’t need to worry about age of course!

Reason Number Five: You’re guaranteed to meet the 615 king after the show! No matter how large the show is, Jelly Roll takes the time to meet his fans at the merch table!  Even if it takes hours meet everyone, he’ll do it with a giant smile on his fans and listen to every word they say. He doesn’t charge for autographs either! Now that’s mad fresh to do!

Don’t miss Jelly Roll’s set at this year’s Gathering of The Juggalos on the main stage in Oklahoma City! I don’t care if you have to take a massive shit! Bring a roll of a toilet paper, tuck it behind your ass crack and hold it in till Jelly Roll’s set is over and then run your ass off to the nearest porta-jon!



Remaining tour dates for The Addiction Kills Tour

Friday 23 June 2017
Roxy Theatre, Denver, CO,

Saturday 24 June 2017
Mesa Theater & Club, Grand Junction, CO,

Wednesday 28 June 2017
In The Venue, Salt Lake City, UT

Thursday 29 June 2017
The Pub Station, Billings, MT

Zebra Cocktail Lounge on Saturday, July 1st, Bozeman, Montana

Wednesday 05 July 2017
Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA,

Friday 07 July 2017
Harlow’s, Sacramento, CA,

Jelly Roll live photo credits: Rory Birtkett of Montana

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