Playboy The Beast – “Self Made Self Paid”

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  1. Self Made Self Paid
  2. Money Sex Murder Ft. Kamikazi
  3. Down 2 Ride
  4. Blast On Sight Ft. Stevie Stone
  5. DOOM!
  6. Get The Money
  7. Gangsta Rap Revival
  8. Came 2 Kill
  9. Death Row 2k17 Ft. King Solo, Sleep Lyrical, and D Spillz
  10. Follow Me Ft. The Jokerr, Emce Damage, and Liquid Assassin
  11. Can’t Be Fucked With
  12. Get Beat TF Up Ft. Seed Of 6ix
  13. Murder’d Out Ft. Sleep Lyrical And Danny Drive By
  14. IDGAF!
  15. Cujo
  16. Bleed Ft. Donnie Menace, Big Loony, and Illest Uminati
  17. Ghost Whispers Ft. Jada Lynn

from Faygoluvers


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