New Hatchet Herald 6/9 Gives Props to the DCG Con Trike Project

A new edition of the Hatchet Herald dropped last night.

Topics include:

  • The new Psychopathic Merch
  • The World Premiere of Psychopathic TV 6/15
  • New GOTJ Info
  • F.T.F.O.M.F. hits #1 on Billboard Independent and Shaggy’s GOTJ solo set
  • And a very special shout out to the ninjas behind the DCG Con trike project charity raffle!

Here’s the full article, which can also be accessed at

Direct from Mr. X…It’s the Hatchet Herald

Whaddup Juggalos?

It’s the Hatchet Herald, coming your way to school you on all the hatchet happenings as we gear up for the 18th Annual Juggalo Gathering!

Psychopathic Records is in full effect, with the debut of Psychopathic Merch last Friday. Orders have been flying off the shelves with nothing but positive feedback for our all-new approach to customer service and shipping! It’s a brand new way to cop all your favorite Psychopathic Records flavor. Peep the freshness at the completely refined and redesigned as we bring you the best of the best in all things Psychopathic! Mad love to the Juggalo fam!

And speaking of brand new–Did you miss the Juggalo Show last night? That’s because there wasn’t one, stuipd ass! We are officially under construction, making mad upgrades and souping up the studio like ya need to know as we prepare for the grand debut of…drumroll please…Psychopathic TV! The new interactive webcast series that is going to make ya sides and wig split in HD. It’s all poppin’ off next week, 6/15, with the grand debut of the very special Gathering Edition of the Juggalo Show, hosted by ICP! Catch the premiere of Psychopathic TV with the Wicked Clowns on Facebook Live, 6/15, 8pm EST! Peep ICP’s Facebook for more details!

Everywhere we look it seems like there’s new flavor poppin’ off! It’s a new day for the Gathering as we prepare to hit Oklahoma City, droppin like bombs, July 26th through 29th! New acts and artists are being announced daily, so keep your eyes peeled on as info continues to drop. And as a side note, we here at the Hatchet are GEEKED to unveil the almighty 6th Joker’s Card at this year’s GOTJ! Want to see ICP perform The Wraith: Shangri-La in its entirety? Then head on over to Smokelahoma this July to kick it with the Juggalo fam as the freshness continues to pour forth like a Lost Lakes waterslide! New details are dropping daily, so don’t sleep!

In other news, it was a landslide, Juggalos and Juggalettes! Shaggy 2 Dope has done it again, topping the Billboard independent charts this week as #1 in the nation with his solo LP F.T.F.O.M.F.! Congratulations to Shaggy 2 Dope for topping the charts with this incredible album that we here at the Hatchet are SO proud to call our own. And in honor of this accomplishment, we can think of no better place to celebrate than by bringing the Strangla into the spotlight in his very own late-night performance on the GOTJ stage! That’s right! Making Gathering history, catch Shaggy 2 Dope’s Solo Super Set at this year’s Red Moon Stage! Go Shaggz, go Shaggy, go! Enjoy the show, Juggalos! Mad love to the Juggalo Family who put the Southwest Strangla on top. #1 in the nation, biooooootch!

And on that note, we want to turn our attention to the Juggalo Family and put a spotlight on the crazy fresh ninjas who put in mad work to help make this past April’s Dark Carnival Games Con an event truly For Juggalos By Juggalos! It’s well known in Juggalo circles that on a note of staleness, some feebalos decided to steal the ICP Mighty Death Pop stage prop trike and ringbell from the Gibraltar Trade Center after the convention wrapped up and the fun was over. Whack points all around for that! But we here at the Hatchet never stopped having faith that the Jugalo fam would come through and make things right. Sure enough, Juggalos far and wide put the word out and had the search out to recover the stolen goods and ensure that everyone had the opportunity to have a fun time again at next year’s 2nd Annual DCG Con! Dope! Well, in a crazy twist of events, unbenounced to us, some ninjas went above and beyond to make things right, and took it upon themselves to join together to host a charity raffle to raise funds to deliver a new bike and ring bell to Psychopathic Records. Now THAT’S Juggalo Power and Family to the fullest! These ninjas donated mad merch from their own personal collections, organized a raffle, and collected the funds to set the record straight and deliver a new ringbell and trike back to their rightful home at the Hatchet. We here at Psychopathic Records were stunned by such a wonderful act and want to give a special shout out to these official SUPER NINJAS. If you know these Juggalos, give em love and show em props for being the best of the best. To everyone involved in the Trike Raffle: Psychopathic Records appreciates and loves you for giving back and showing us love. We hope to see you at the 2nd Annual DCG Con! That said, a huge whoop whoop to these Juggalo homies, collectively known as the coordinators of the ICP Trike Project…aka our Heroes: Aarika Kross, Burgher, Andy Sherman, Mankini, Chris Foster, Danielle Keene, Della Janowski, Hazin, Heather Marrs, Jenna Kisler, Jimmy Alicata, John Paul, Jon Weiland, Kegan the Creep Ass, Rachelette, Rob Murphy, Scottie D, Shantell Morrow, Todd Okami, Tom Wood, Vinny the ICP Kid, Zack Ellis, and Big Zane!

New shit’s poppin’ and the Fam ain’t stoppin! That’s it for this edition of the Hatchet Herald, ninjas! Keep your eyes peeled as the countdown to Shangri-La continues!!!!

Much Clown Love!!!

…Mr. X

from Faygoluvers


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