Monoxide Psychomania Crew Jersey Raffle @ TwiztidShop

If you had a chance to hit up the PsychoMania Tour, you probably saw Madrox or Monoxide wearing one of the split face jerseys pictured here at one point or another.  They are fresh as fuck, and now YOU have the opportunity to own one!  This isn’t a replica…this is Monoxide’s stage-worn jersey complete with his name on the back and everything!

At, they have a raffle going where you can buy as many tickets as you want for $20.00 each.   The raffle will be conducted tomorrow night on The Hookup radio show at or at MNE’s Official Facebook!

Here’s the description from


We like to always have fun at Twiztidshop and with online raffles being the new thing we thought we would have fun and give people the opportunity to win a ONE OF A KIND CREW JERSEY for as low as 20 dollars!!!!! Thats right you have the opportunity to win MONOXIDE’S OWN STAGE WORN PSYCHOMANIA CREW JERSEY WORN ON THE MOST RECENT PSYCHOMANIA TOUR!!!

Each ticket is 20 dollars and gives you 1 spot in the raffle. we will conduct the raffle LIVE ON MNE’S OFFICIAL FACEBOOK show THE HOOKUP!!! THE RAFFLE WILL TAKE PLACE ON WEDNESDAY JUNE 21th, 2017 at 7PM!!!

And everyone who buys a ticket will receive a MNE 2017 Spring Sampler even if you dont win!!!

For your chance to win, get your raffle tickets here:

from Faygoluvers


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