MARS – “Glockcoma”

The new MARS album GLOCKCOMA will be released on July 28th on all digital outlets, and you can pick it up on the Glockcoma Tour this summer!

  1. Intro
  2. Gotta Problem?
  3. When You’re Alone (featuring B Nasty)
  4. My Knife
  5. Lots Of Money
  6. Whistle (featuring Swizz)
  7. All About Me
  8. Stinky The Rapist 2
  9. Slap That Bitch
  10. Snatched Up
  11. Every Bitch In The World (featuring Koshir)
  12. Smoke & Drink
  13. Time To Go (featuring Gorilla Voltage & Tyler Lyon)
  14. Glockcoma

from Faygoluvers


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