ESHAM $cribble Video Interview [Faygoluvers Exclusive]

Juggalos, Juggalettes, Suicidalists….we are ready to unveil an interview that has been a LONG time coming!  When I found out that ESHAM was making a rare appearance in Dallas, TX less than two weeks ago, I knew I had to be there!

ESHAM was hanging out with everyone at the “Can’t Nibble The $cribble” tour date who showed up to support him!  When I had a chance to chop it up with him, he said “Hey, you look familiar.”  I introduced myself and it was like a light bulb turned on.  He gave me daps and props on the site, and said we should do something.  I told him I’d down, and that maybe we could figure something out after the show.

He introduced me to his manager, Moon, and told her the same thing.  We talked about an interview, but I was completely unprepared for that.  Long story short, they said they’d stay an extra day if it meant that we could get an interview together.  So….that’s what we did!

Here it is…30+ minutes of ESHAM Q&A brilliantly edited together by the one and only Doenut!

Check that out, and if you haven’t purchased his $cribble album yet, make sure to hit up for all of your options!

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