Cameron Douglas Caught with Pot in System While on Probation

The son of movie star Michael Douglas, Cameron Douglas, was almost sent back to federal prison after a probation officer said he’d been found with marijuana in his system.

The younger Douglas, 38, was sentenced to five years in prison in 2010, for conspiracy to distribute narcotics, after being found dealing heroin and crystal meth out of a hotel room.

Cameron’s lawyer, Ben Brafman, informed the court that his client sought help, after being traumatized from a critical beat down by a prison gang, while inside.

He was allegedly targeted for ratting out his drug suppliers, David and Eduardo Escalera, in his trial hearing, in order to have his sentence reduced from 10 to five years.

Unfortunately, his five-year sentence was extended, after he was caught in possession of drugs while in jail. He was released on parole in March.

Within a month of his release, he landed in hot water again, having allegedly been caught with marijuana in his system on April 10, a court has heard, according to Page Six.

Douglas underwent three tests for marijuana after being accused of trying to manipulate results by a lab technician, and the results were positive. (Apparently he doesn’t read HIGH TIMES, or he would own a Wizzinator.)

Douglas’ lawyer maintains that his client has remained sober and that “there is no issue,” despite the parole officers’ claims.

His parole officers are now asking Manhattan federal judge, the Hon. Richard Berman, to show leniency for the beleaguered addict.

Brafman also asked the judge for clemency, stating that Douglas has suffered post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the prison attack, which left him with a broken leg and finger, after a crime family boss allegedly put a bounty on his head for snitching, which incited his fellow inmates to attack him.

“Snitches get stitches,” snarked an unsympathetic courtroom observer. “He doesn’t deserve a pass because his father is famous.”

Brafman solicited sympathy for his client, telling the court, his client’s “period of imprisonment was horrific.”

The judge granted Douglas a reprieve for his parole violation. Instead of returning to prison, Douglas will be subjected to more frequent searches and drug tests.

Douglas is scheduled to appear back in court today, for a status update.

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