Wrekonize’s “Into The Further” In Stores Today!

It’s Friday, and on most weeks, that means new music for you to pump into your ear holes!  This week, Wrekonize of Strange Music releases his brand new solo LP: Into The Further!

We’ve shared a few tracks that Strange has released early, and you can see the full track list below:

  1. Into The (Skit)
  2. Further
  3. Clones
  4. Nightmare (Yeah)
  5. Float
  6. Last Day Alive
  7. Knuckle Dragging
  8. With the Music On
  9. Middle of the Night
  10. Knowtifications
  11. Higher Ground
  12. Unknown Number
  13. Through the Rain
  14. Only One
  15. Basically Numb

We also received a press release for the album which can be seen below:

Picking up where The War Within left off, Into The Further, is in stores now!

Delving deeper into the psyche of Wrekonize, ‘Into The Further’ showcases his stylistically diverse approach to lyrical storytelling, giving you a look behind the shades of one of Strange Music’s most proficient emcees. With stellar production and tracks like “With The Music On”, “Nightmare (Yeah)” and “Unknown Number,” ‘Into The Further’ is a brand new doorway into the realm of an ever-evolving artist who’s truly battle tested.

Here are a few links where you can pick it up:

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