Toasted Tweets | May 31, 2017

Let’s play a pot smoking game. It’s called, “I’m the kind of pot smoker who…” and it goes like this—you read a tweet and if that’s you, you toke. If it’s not you, skip a round. If you’re smoking alone and it’s not you, take 2 puffs. Do the kids still say puffs? But seriously, what kind of pot smoker are you, anyway? Are you an Einsteinian smoker? Do you get stoned and study and clean your room? Or are you Iron Eyes Cody in the ’70s litter commercial of potheads? You know, the kind who smokes weed but only on a mountaintop or in a waterfall and then praises the bounty before you? Or maybe you’re a weed gremlin—around midnight, you smoke an eighth and order a pizza, Chinese food and eat whatever’s in the fridge. Here’s a collection of some of the other kinds of smokers who linger out there.

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