Toasted Tweets | May 24, 2017

What kind of a space do you envision when thinking about people smoking pot? A grassy field? The passenger seat of a car? An old barn? Where’s the coolest place you ever smoked weed? The weirdest place? The most inappropriate? When we were kids, we used to smoke pot in any secret locale we could get our feet to. A lot of pot smoking happened in the woods, on the beaches and other nature spots because there was no one around to tell us we couldn’t be there. The deer and sea birds never seemed to mind, and who knows, maybe they ate the seeds and stems we left behind. When pot smoking happened indoors, it was usually in a car or in an attic or basement or a bathroom (with the window open, of course). Or during parties when there were no parents around. I don’t even know where kids go to smoke weed these days. I do smell a lot of pot on the streets of NYC, so maybe no one goes anywhere to smoke pot, they just smoke their doobie where they do be. And with vaporizers it’s more common to smoke wherever the hell you damn well please. Where do you toke? Tweet @jessicadelfino.

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