The Time Jackie Kennedy Found Marijuana Growing in Her Garden

Throughout most of the early sixties, JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy (née Bouvier) were as high as kites, receiving near-daily amphetamine-laced injections from Dr. Max Jacobson, aka “Miracle Max.”

Apparently though, Jackie O was afraid of a little cannabis.

In a new memoir, Jackie’s Girl: My Life with the Kennedy Family (Gallery Books) by Kathy McKeon, who worked as the former first lady’s personal assistant and nanny between 1964 and 1977, McKeon revealed that marijuana was discovered growing in the garden of Jackie O’s home. No, not the White House, the infamous Hyannis Port Kennedy Compound in Massachusetts.

In her book, McKeon described noticing some of the Kennedy’s teenage cousins rendezvousing in her flower patch. Although she initially hadn’t given it much thought, McKeon’s curiosity was piqued once she noticed the kids congregating there repeatedly.

“I went to investigate after the kids wandered off one afternoon, but didn’t see any evidence that they’d been back there sneaking beers, or cigarettes, or anything like that,” she wrote. “The flowers hadn’t been trampled.”

She continued: “That’s when it hit me. I went to find Jack Dempsey, the retired Cape [Cod] police chief, who often hung out at the Secret Service trailer.”

Dempsey and McKeon returned to the spot where the kids had been hanging out. Dempsey quickly confirmed that there was marijuana growing in Jackie’s garden.

Dempsey immediately went looking for Mrs. Kennedy to inform her of their shocking discovery; however, McKeon found the former First Lady first.

According to McKeon, once Jackie was informed, she exclaimed, “Are you kidding me? Oh my God, this can’t get out. What should we do?”

Jackie then headed straight for her flower patch, with Dempsey, to see for herself.

Reiterating that their discovery must be kept under wraps, Dempsey and some Secret Service men “weeded” her garden of its pot plants that very same afternoon.

“John and Caroline were much too young to have had any role in it, and while we all had a pretty good idea which cousins did, there was no confrontation, and no one got in any trouble,” McKeon wrote.

Hmmm… Can anyone guess who the naughty Kennedy kids were?

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