The R.O.C. Discusses “Digital Voodoo,” MNE and Hidden Messages in Songs on The Faygoluvers Podcast

Welcome to episode #19 of The Faygoluvers Podcast. On this episode we have our homie The R.O.C. of Majik Ninja Entertainment! The R.O.C. and I discuss the origins of his newest album “Digital Voodoo,” the meaning behind the album name, production, switching songs up and more. Outside of the album we discuss Majik Ninja Entertainment, hidden messages in past songs, musical influences and a whole lot more. Tune in to see what this ninja’s got to say!

Also on this episode we feature a clip of my interview with Strange Music‘s own Wrekonize. The full interview will be featured on the next episode on the podcast but for now, we got this clip for anyone interested. Check that shit out too, homies.

News wise we speak on Twiztid’s new convention, Necro and of course ICP’s newest music video7 Foot 8 Foot” as well as G-Mo’s response to the song.

It’s episode 19 and there’s no end in sight, ninjas.

You can check that out by CLICKING HERE or check out the player below:

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Host: Rosco
Guest: The R.O.C.
Segment Guest: Wrekonize
Written and Edited by: Rosco
Original Music by: King Lucem Ferre

News Segment – NECRO Withdraws from the Juggalo March

News Segment – Monoxide hints at “Mirror Mirror” show during Brunch N Bake

News Segment – ICP releases “6 Foot 7 Foot” Music Video + G-Mo Skee Responds to Violent J

News Segment – Triple Threat Tour EP reveals Album Release Date!

News Segment – Lots of News Revealed About The Gathering of the Juggalos – Competitions/Map/Flavor/Side Shows

News Segment – Tech N9ne speaks to ChildsPlayNinja about MNE/Psychopathic/Strange Music

News Segment – Psychopathic Answers: “Why is the Carnival of Carnage Show Ticket $250?”

News Segment – Twiztid Announces Astronomicon + More Details

News Segment – Shaggy 2 Dope Day next Friday, May 26th!

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