Suicide Saints – “Rough Shit Volume 3: A Prelude to Tirocinium”

19 tracks of brand new Saint-ness to prepare for the upcoming release, “Tirocinium”. Although we do not own the rights to the majority of the instrumentals, we still put this mixtape together to feel more like an album. All lyrics were written and recorded by the Suicide Saints (other than KidCrusher’s lyrics on “There will be Blood”, Michael G. Brown’s script for “Another Message from Roger at Publishing & Promotions”, and guest verses on “Jihad” by Lucifers Apostles). Art by Spookie of Killa Koncepts and BAMbam the Voodoo Chi7d. Mixing by BAMbam the Voodoo Chi7d.

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  1. Gawwww-dahhh
  2. There will be Blood (Remix)- ft. KidCrusher
  3. Dahmer
  4. A Word From Your Dearest Friends
  5. Insomnia-morte
  6. Doin’ Drugs with Satan
  7. Black’n’white’n’red-all-over
  8. Another Message from Roger at Publishing & Promotions
  9. So Ill
  10. Buried Alive
  11. I’m a Birdie
  12. March
  13. Jihad- ft. Lucifers Apostles
  14. Make a Scarecrow
  15. Kurs’d
  16. My Bong is Haunted
  17. Outtamahmind
  18. Got a Chainsaw
  19. Se Morte Condemnavit

from Faygoluvers


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