SED-(Thirst) Official Trailer 1

Original horror/thriller movie/soundtrack written by Emmy Nominated Rapper Actor T.O.N.E-z starring T.O.N.E-z

Dominic and Maria were once a happy and social married couple, but an encounter with an ex turns Dominic’s world upside down. Now reclusive and living in a desolate wooded area, the strained relationship is marred by Dominic’s dark secret – one that has him thirsting for his wife’s blood. “SED” is a modern take on the vampire genre, replacing an often glamorized look with a gritty view of the monster’s struggles.

Emmy Nominated Rapper/Actor T.O.N.E-z

Directed By
Jacqui Blue & T.O.N.E-z

Written By
Emmy Nominated Rapper/Actor T.O.N.E-z

Screenplay By
Emmy Nominated Rapper/Actor T.O.N.E-z

Produced By
Magali Widmer & T.O.N.E-z

from Faygoluvers


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