Replicon Radio interviews Kung Fu Vampire, Vinnie the ICP Kid

Our homies from Replicon Radio have had some great guests on over the past several episodes! From Boondox to Zug Izland to Nova Rockafeller…they keep bringing the flavor!

This past Monday, they had a chance to speak to Kung Fu Vampire for well over an hour!  He spoke to the whole Replicon crew about his history, his new album, his Playboy parties in the past, and spoke exclusively about the Gathering this year!

Vinnie The ICP Kid also made a return appearance on the episode to speak on DCG Con and bring some positivity to the Juggalo world.  You can hear the whole episode by clicking play below:

Listen to “Replicon Radio 5/1 Kung Fu Vampire” on Spreaker.

This coming Monday, May 8th, Replicon will be doing a “Ladies Night” episode starting at 6 PM CST!  Both Razakel and Ill E. Gal will be live on the air!  Check the details below:

Click the pic to visit Replicon Radio!

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