Juggalo group for Recovering Addicts will be at the Gathering of the Juggalos

At the Gathering, Juggalos from all different backgrounds get together to have one of the best weeks of their lives.  I know that year in and year out, this is one of the events I most look forward to.

Going to a gigantic week-long party for thousands of people can be a dangerous place for someone battling addiction.  Anyone who has gathered has come across Juggalos who have gone a little too hard that day/week.

That being said, we got contacted by a ninja named Francis who will be there to help those trying to resist temptations.  Even if you aren’t, but would like to support the cause, I’m sure he’d love to have you.  He left some info about his cause below:

I am a 4 year recovering alcoholic. I have a facebook group (facebook.com/groups/589822687783229/)

Its for juggalos who are recovering addicts of any sort. Because we juggalos are a unique bunch but we are family i figured i would find a way to help out my fellow juggalos with making it through recovery. At the Gathering i will be hosting a meeting of recovery based on AA principles to help fellow addicts of any kind to get through the gathering clean and sober if they are fighting an addiction. Once at the gathering, I will post on the sign at my campsite the times I will have meetings. Addiction is an everyday fight and going to the gathering is a huge risk for someone in recovery because of all the partying there. So I am trying to make it safer for recovering addicts of any sort to go to the gathering and have the support they need to get through clean and sober. My name is Francis Shea. People can hit me up on Facebook (Francis Dennis Shea II) or they can post in my group. Or even hit me up on my email (francisshea445@yahoo.com).

Kudos to this ninja for purchasing a ticket and dedicating a huge chunk of his Gathering time to helping others.  You’re the shit, for real!

from Faygoluvers


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