High Buy: Dank City Plasma Lighter

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What is the Dank City Plasma Lighter?

The Dank City Plasma l=Lighter is sold online at DankCity.com for $15. The lighter is a USB rechargeable lighter that is windproof and doesn’t use fluid or butane. 

The Dank City Plasma lighter creates two intersecting beams of electricity across the middle, allowing you to spark up without being affected by wind or other elements.

How does the Dank City Plasma lighter work?

– Flameless
– Electronic pulse arc lighters
– Windproof
– Electric plasmaIMG_0183

Instead of using a liquid butane fuel source to create a spark, it uses a battery and electricity.

Just press a button on the side of the lighter. There’s only one button—very easy to use. 

When you need to recharge your lighter, you just plug it into a USB port using the included USB cable.

Advantages of the electronic lighters are that they require no fluid and no refills. Plus, they are windproof so you don’t need to cup with your hands when you want to light up. 

Check out DankCity.com for more details on the Dank City Plasma lighters. 

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