Violent J and Tech N9ne Clear the Air about ICP’s Hot97 Interview

Tonight on The Juggalo Show, Violent JJumpsteady and KG really covered a lot of topics surrounding the Juggalo world and Psychopathic Records. One thing definitely worth mentioning is that Violent J DID speak a lot on Tech N9ne and what was originally said on ICP’s Hot97 interview.

Violent J said that he regretted speaking on Tech so much in the interview to the point where a lot of ninjas thought there was beef. One of those factors was Tech’s verse on the new Stevie Stone track “Eat II” which was written the day that Tech saw the ICP interview on Hot 97. The way ICP see’s it though, Tech was just speaking his mind on that track. He also mentioned that when Tech didn’t give the props to Juggalos like J thought he would have, it probably wasn’t on his mind at that moment.

J also wanted to reiterate what was originally said on the interview; that Tech N9ne was never a Psychopathic Records product even though some ninjas think he was and that he was not inspired by ICP in any way.

After it was all said and done though, J said everything is all good with Tech. He unfortunately won’t be playing the Juggalo March due to his new contract with Paradigm which has him playing Canada in September but he has every intention of rockin’ that Juggalo March cypher.

For those of you look for the announcement that Tech is (or isn’t) playing The Gathering of the Juggalos this year, J said that Tech should be there but that it’s not yet set in stone. I guess we’ll just have to wait for that bomb-ass Gathering infomercial to drop.

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