V-Sinizter Set To Perform at DCG Con

Psychopathic Records has announced the mystery guest who will perform at the DCG Con.

The mystery guest is former psychopathic Records artist Vinnie Billingsley, who is also known as V-Sinizter.

Check out the lengthy press release Psychopathic just released.




DCG Con’s Mystery Guest Is A Page from Psychopathic’s History!

Time to get schooled on some Juggalo history, ninjas! Way back in 2002, Psychopathic Records signed an artist who recorded and produced an album that was sold exclusively through Hatchet Gear. It was a devastating album of flavor straight off the streets of Saginaw, Michigan and the album, “Hunting Season,” quickly sold out and is now a highly sought after collector’s item.

The artist’s name? The one and only V SINIZTER! This dope artist from the wayback days of the Hatchet is the Mystery Artist who will be schooling it at the DCG Con! You’ll hear selections from his long out-of-print Psychopathic release “Hunting Season,” as well as many other dope ass songs that this talented ninja has recorded over the years. Want more info on V Sinizter’s special brand of wicked shit? Here’s some info on his musical accomplishments since releasing “Hunting Season” courtesy of V himself…

Former Psychopathic Records artist Vinnie Billingsley, aka V Sinizter,” has been in the underground music scene since the early 1990’s After releasing his album “Hunting Season” on Psychopathic Records and fulfilling his contractual obligations with performing on tours and headlining 2003’s Gathering of the Juggalos on Friday night, he struck out on his own in the independent music scene, where he would bolster his name amongst the underground and many mainstream musical powerhouses.
Between 2003-05, V Sinizter was scouted by Interscope and Geffen Records and was nominated for two categories in the Detroit Music Awards, amongst major Detroit luminaries King Gordy, Paradime, legendary female battle emcee Invincible and many others. It was in 2005, he was sought to open for former Psychopathic Records artist Esham, at his A1 Yola Release Party.
The following year, V Sinizter became the only hip hop artist from Michigan to take a top 20 spot in Myspace’s “Scarface: The World Is Yours” music showcase. During this year, he put out a remixed version of his Psychopathic release called “Hunting Season: Annihilation,” which contained restructured content from the first EP and newer tracks.
From 2007-2010, V Sinizter released multiple albums, including “Lionheart: The Sword of God,” “The Haunt of Fear Anthology,” a video for his single “Victory Road” and was a regular at the Gathering of the Juggalos. It was in this time he developed a working relationship with former Interscope Records A&R Scotty Reverb; who was the founder of the online music juggernaut Reverbnation, in which V Sinizter was heavily promoted that lead to him getting scouted by Rawkus Records.
It would be 2010 that V Sinizter released his last major independent release called “Pale Horse.” Due to personal issues, Sinizter stepped away from the music scene and went on a self-imposed hiatus.
During this hiatus, Vinnie used his ingenuity to spread his talents across multiple platforms. Two of these included becoming a personal trainer and running his own business, that caught the attention of many fitness industry legends. The second one he’s currently involved in, is his creator-owned online cartoon strip, called “It Could Be Worse.” Despite being an online comic strip, it has caught the attention of many music heavyweights, including independent artist Necro and mainstream recording artist Raphael Saadiq of Tony Toni Tone and producer of Lucy Pearl.
Currently, Vinnie’s plans include bringing back his musical persona V Sinizter, to continue and finish his “Gospel of the Apocalypse” series, by picking up with the forthcoming EP “The Great Stairwell.” Other plans include continuing maintaining his personal fitness training facility “Frankenztein Fitness,” running his clients through his own fitness program creation, “Fitness Fantasy” and continuing his daily online comic strip “It Could Be Worse,” which has a viewership of over 10,000 weekly hits and is steadily increasing.
Will he ever return to music?
Vinnie Billingsley aka V Sinizter, when posed with this question, simply answers with this:
“If the demand heats up and the fans clamor for it enough, I’ll make it happen much sooner than later.”

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