TONS of News from the Juggalo Show (April 13th Edition); Thoughts on the Gathering, the March, Twiztid, COC show, Tech N9ne, more!

Tonight’s episode of The Juggalo Show was jam-packed full of news, thoughts, and opinions on a variety of topics tonight!  It started well over an hour late, but still clocked in at nearly a 2 hour episode!

Tonight, the mics were manned by Jumpsteady, KG, and Violent J.  Like I said, a ton was covered, so I’m just gonna break them down in the order I took notes.  You don’t want to miss ANY of this.   Some of the news is SO big that we’ll probably make a few separate posts about it.

The show archive went up before I could even finish the post, but I’ll still include the breakdown below.  Check the full episode here though.

(The show starts up at 1:01:30)

Online Video

That being said….here’s a breakdown of the news from the April 13th edition The Juggalo show on

18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos

  • Venue: Oklahoma City at Lost Lakes Amphitheater
  • Fresh waterpark at the venue
  • Not a whole lot of details, but they say that the entire next episode of The Juggalo Show will be about it
  • Get your tickets and other passes at

The Juggalo March / Twiztid / MNE

  • THE most important thing Psychopathic Records has laid the groundwork for.
  • Violent J admits mistakes were made when launching the Juggalo March website by putting the people who passed on the March on blast
  • The MARCH is the best way to show love to Juggalos who have ALWAYS had the artists backs
  • Madchild is coming in from Canada to play the March and show love to Juggalos!
  • J said that the rewritten invites are being sent out again and the “WISH LISTS” for artists such as Ice T, Ice Cube, etc will be sent soon.
  • Jumpsteady says that EVERYONE on Majik Ninja Entertainment would be there if Twiztid wasn’t holding them back from doing it.
  • Joe said that ICP doesn’t like Twiztid, and fuck them for holding people back
  • Violent J said “Fuck everyone at MNE who used to be an artist at Psychopathic”
  • J said that he’s happy that Twiztid’s name comes up as little as it does at Psychopathic
  • Jumpsteady said he’s heard from multiple sources that Twiztid is reaching out to other artists not to play the March.
  • Jumpsteady told Twiztid to do your thing and just keep your mouth shut
  • Violent J said he’d go there and smack ’em all if they don’t shut their mouth
  • Violent J says that Paul is like a little baby Hitler spewing hate and venom
  • Violent J reiterates that he’s not above booting them in the face.
  • Jumpsteady says for Twiztid let the hate go and do your thing.

Tech N9ne

  • Violent J clarifies Tech N9ne was never a Psychopathic Records product.  Some ninjas think he was.
  • Violent J states that Tech N9ne wasn’t inspired by ICP in any way
  • Tried to be as respectful as they could to Tech on the Hot 97 show but while still making their point
  • Said Tech had an opportunity to show love to Juggalos but didn’t feel that he did probably because it wasn’t the first thing on his mind.
  • J gives props to Tech for doing the Gathering for less than half price
  • J says he wishes he wouldn’t have talked about Tech so much to make people think there was a beef.
  • Tech’s track “Eat II” was written the day that Tech saw the ICP interview and ICP says they don’t think he crossed the line.  He was just speaking his mind.
  • Violent J reiterates that Psychopathic didn’t make Tech N9ne
  • He said that now that Tech is succeeding beyond the Juggalo world, he just wants Tech to show some love.
  • In the end, it’s ALL GOOD WITH TECH
  • Tech SHOULD be at the Gathering this year (no guarantees, but it’s being worked on)
  • Tech N9ne isn’t playing the March because his new contract with Paradigm has him playing Canada in September
  • Tech has EVERY intention of being on the Juggalo March Psypher

Canadian Juggalo Day

  • ICP was finally able to make it there after jumping through hoops to take care of their criminal records
  • Canadian Juggalos were super hype!  First opportunity to see ICP in forever!
  • KG tells anecdote about Canadian Juggalos singing the entire 4 verse Canadian national anthem
  • Madchild had such a good time performing with the Swollen Members on night 1 that he came back and did a surprise solo set the next night!
  • Overall amazing time!

ICP’s Hot97 Interview

  • Violent J said something on the Hot97 interview that he said he regrets
  • said Madchild wouldn’t be shit without Juggalos and wishes he could retract it
  • Madchild has tons of fans that aren’t Juggalos as well
  • Jumpsteady, KG, and J all showed love and respect to Madchild, and J just states that he said what he did because he’s so passionate about the March.

Coming Up for ICP

  • 3rd installment of 3 surprise videos coming up in 2 weeks!
    • First was “Indestructible”, 2nd was “4 Lyfe”, 3rd features Lyte with ICP (shot by Ryan Archibald)
  • 17 Parental Advisory Tour (STARTS IN JUNE and will last until the Gathering)
    • Geto Boys (Scarface, Willie D, Bushwick Bill)
    • Lil Eazy E doing NWA covers
    • 2 Live Crew
    • Onyx
    • In talks with Necro
  • Great Milenko Tour before the end of the year!
  • Going to Europe and Australia!
    • KG Kevin Gill will be hosting the European shows!
  • Shaggy’s Solo Album is coming out
  • More sporadic videos all year.  Only 1 more will be a remake.  The rest will be ICP songs (new and old)
  • Karma Forest has been pushed to the side for now
  • Violent J has been consumed by the vision of the next Joker’s Card!
    • concepts are too fresh to not start working on right away
    • J will be laying a framework for the Joker’s card album while Shaggy is on a solo tour
  • Also happening this summer: The Carnival of Carnage show
    • special guests Inner City Posse
    • Then acts from that era (wouldn’t say who)
    • ICP will perform Carnival of Carnage in its entirety at The L Club (directly across the street from Clark Park)
    • Tickets will be $250 when they go on sale
    • All proceeds will go to the documentary of John Utsler called “The 3rd Clown”
  • ICP is flying down to Nashville to do a song for a movie soundtrack.

As the Show Wrapped:

  • Jumpsteady says he feels like things are gonna get worse before they get better with Twiztid
  • If Twiztid keeps talking shit about the march, J said the Inner City Posse will have to show up before the COC show
  • J said he wishes they would say why they were so mad at Psychopathic
  • Jumpsteady said that all beefs are dropped when it comes to playing the March
  • If anyone wants to step in and be a part of the Psypher, all beefs are off too.  They aren’t holding their breath though.
  • As a Juggalo, Twiztid gets a wack point for not playing the March.

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