Nova Rockafeller’s Boyfriend, Tom MacDonald, Addresses recent Controversy with Violent J

I’m not sure if many of you Juggalos were aware (I know I wasn’t) that there has been some controversial shit making it’s way around the internet somewhat recently involving Nova Rockafeller, her boyfriend Tom MacDonald and Violent J. I know, right? What the fuck?

I’m not gonna go over every detail of what happened as it’s a personal matter for the most part, but the situation has definitely become very public.

On the most recent episode of Replicon Radio those ninjas interviewed Syn from Zug Izland. Syn speaks on the next Promised Land albums to drop, his Rick on a Stick idea, his record label and even does a little big of singing.
They also get a surprise call from Scum and Liquid Assassin and get the down low on some LSP releases and events happening later this year.

The controversy involving Violent J comes it at the end of the episode around the 3:25:00 mark. Nova’s boyfriend Tom, who is also part of a new musical duo with Nova called GFBF, calls in and explains everything.

I’m not gonna give anymore details. You can listen to the episode by CLICKING HERE or check out the player below.

Listen to “Replicon Radio 4/24 Zug Izland” on Spreaker.

Check out the next episode of Replicon Radio this Monday, May 1st from 6pm-10pm Central. These ninjas will be interviewing Kung Fu Vampire. Also, Vinnie the ICP Kid will be calling in to give his review of the first ever Dark Carnival Games Convention.

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