MORBID MINDFRAM3 – “First Out The Grave”

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Fuck your Mainstream Shit. We are the brother’s from H3LL who is kicking LIFE right up in his ASS.. If you don’t like us than FUCK OFF.

  1. Fuck your Intro (Drunk William Killmore)
  2. Realitv
  3. That Guy Fet Rev Tu Face
  4. L.B.I.M.E.
  5. WhySoSerious
  6. TRAPPED Fet Gravesight
  7. GUTZ Fet John E Memphis
  8. Im Wrong fet. Shadow Walka and Merchaholic
  9. C2C
  10. Fantasy Fet Rev Tu Face
  11. Forced Eyez Open
  12. Dont Make a Scene
  13. It’z All Over Fet Rev Tu Face
  14. Outro

from Faygoluvers


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