Green Jellÿ premieres new track “FR3TÖ F33T”

How long has it been since we’ve heard anything new from Green Jellÿ?  Probably forever and a day (actually over 20 years!!).  Well that has officially changed as of this weekend!

A new track has surfaced called “FR3TÖ F33T”, and they’ve got it available to stream via Soundcloud!  You can check out the press release and listen to the full track below:

Green Jellÿ is proud to bring to you their Latest Shit Single FR3TÖ F33T. Their 1st release since the 1995 recording of the LP Musick To Insult Your Intelligence By. You (and your readers) can hear FR3TÖ F33T right now at the following link:

FR3TÖ F33T was written by long time Green Jellÿ fan Mike Snyder, and features Bill Manspeaker (Green Jellÿ founding member) singing lead vocals. There’s also an guest appearance by WWE Hall of Fame Inductee “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. FR3TÖ F33T is the song long time Jellÿ fans have been waiting for, with more product placements, and comic book characters than ever before!

The new single will be pressed to CD & Cassette independently. It will also be available for mp3/FLAC download this summer, with a music video expected at the same time.

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