G-Mo Skee Responds to Last Night’s Episode of The Juggalo Show

If you missed last night’s episode of The Juggalo Show, there was a LOT said by both Violent J and Jumpsteady on a variety of topics.  You can see the archive and our list of bulletpoints right here.

One of the things that Jumpsteady mentioned is that all of the Majik Ninja Entertainment artists would march if Twiztid didn’t hold them back.  Jumpsteady used G-Mo as an example, saying that he’s talked to him a few times and he’s a “cool motherfucker”.  He then states that when he/they signed onto Twiztid’s label, all the hate that Twiztid has infects them and they start hating too.  He called it a “sheep mentality.”  G-Mo responded via Facebook.

From Facebook.com/FunkMasterFilth

from Faygoluvers


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